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I'm Kathrin. I’m a thinker, writer and adventurer at heart. When I’m not away discovering the world, you can catch me at a local coffee shop soaking up a new book, or at the gym, to make sure I treat my body the right way. I believe that everyone should and can live life to its fullest. It's absolutely possible to create a life of travel while still having a fullfilled career and a healthy body. I will help you achieve that through my travel guides, study & work abroad advice, and fitness & health resources.

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The Ambitious Bee is a growing collective of ambitious go-getters and travel lovers. Discover your potential, improve yourself and explore the world with me. My aim is to provide you with travel inspiration, actionable advice for your career, including tips for living and working abroad and other lifestyle topics. If you’re new here – enjoy my blog ! Feel free to dive right in and check out my latest articles (above) or browse the blog by category (below). Love, Kathrin

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