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I can’t stress it enough: traveling solo is such a great experience. You learn so much about yourself and you get to know so many other awesome travelers. That’s one of the best parts of traveling: Getting to know people from all over the world. Since I started blogging, I was also lucky enough to connect with other female travelers. Because, don’t think you are the only female traveling alone – the world is full of us! I love to hear the stories of other women who don’t let anything stop them from pursuing their dreams. Through them, I get the confidence to go beyond myself, again and again, to think outside the box and to dream a little bigger (a big thank you!). So today, I want to share some of my favourite resources to solo female travel with you – written by some of the coolest female travel bloggers out there. This is for every woman who thinks of traveling solo for the first time and doesn’t really know where to start.

To give you a mini overview here: This resource guide will cover some articles on why solo female travel is awesome if you still need some inspiration. It will also include some safety tips and some more specific, country focused guides. Because this is a quick guide, let’s dive into the topic right away. Are you ready? Great!


I remember my first solo trip vividly as I was so nervous (but at the same time really excited). I didn’t know what to expect. If you’re still not a 100% sure if you should dare the leap, here are three resources to solo female travel you should read:

  1. Kate from This Could Lead to Anywhere has a post on doing a solo trip for the first time and why it’s ok to be terrified. Her advice: “Allow yourself a worry or two and don’t beat yourself up if you mess up. You’re learning and growing.” You can read the article here.
  2. Aleah from the Solitary Wanderer is one of my favourite female bloggers (I’ve even written a guest post about my hometown in Germany for her blog). She has written about solo female travel here and gives some great inspiration and advice on how to plan your trip.
  3. Inma from A World to Travel has compiled a list of 10 Things You Will Learn By Traveling The World On Your Own.

Not completely the same topic, but I really enjoyed reading this one, so I thought I include it anyway: Busting the Top 5 Solo Female Travel Myths by Marissa (Little Things Travel Blog).

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I want to share some of my favourite resources to solo female travel with you - written by some of the coolest female travel bloggers out there.            I want to share some of my favourite resources to solo female travel with you - written by some of the coolest female travel bloggers out there.


Safety always goes first. You should check these two articles out before you go on your first solo female trip. They offer some clear and easy to follow advice:

  1. Alice from Teacaketravels is another blog I really enjoy reading and she has looaads of advice on solo female travel. Here I recommend her list on 10 Ways to Travel Safely as a Woman.
  2. Marie from Seriously Travel also has compiled some safety tips for your solo female travel trip here.


May it be a bit more specific? These two articles cover solo female travel in certain a country / city if you need some inspiration on where to go.

  1. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, check out this post from Antonette (we12travel) about solo hiking as a female in Alaska. Beware the bears!
  2. Dannielle from While I’m Young And Skinny has written a post about solo female travel in Dubai, also an extraordinary destination!

I hope I could help you with these resources to solo female travel. Again, traveling on your own is a truly great way to get to know yourself, get to know your strengths and weaknesses and to discover your full potential! My solo backpacking trip really broke me out of my shell and showed me how capable I truly am. I really can recommend doing it at least once in your lifetime. Yes, it’s true that it’s not always easy, but in the end, it will be worth it. Sometimes we just have to come out of our comfort zone.

Have you ever travelled solo? What are your favourite resources to solo female travel? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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