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It’s that time again, you find yourself looking out of the window, dreaming of faraway places. Your feet start itching – of wanderlust. At the same time, you don’t want to randomly leave everything behind and travel. You feel you don’t want to neglect your career because you have ambitions and goals and want to succeed in this part of your life as well. So maybe it’s just time for a change of scenery! A stint overseas might be just what you need to ease that travel bug of yours and even move your career in the right direction. But HOW do you go about finding a job overseas? I’ll show you how to find a job abroad in only three simple steps.

You’ve got this idea in your head to work abroad for some time – or for longer. You think that it is a challenge that will bring you many benefits – personally and professionally. And the more you consider this stupidly crazy idea, the more questions are piling up. And then you suddenly stand in front of a huge pile of unanswered questions. The biggest question of them all: How to FIND a job abroad. At least, I would feel like this. If you do, too, then this post is the right thing for you.

From this article, you can learn three simple and basic steps that you should take if you want to find a job abroad. At the end of this post, you’ll know exactly what YOU can do to make your international job hunt easier and understand the importance of those three steps. Are you ready? Great! Let’s start:


Let’s be honest with each other. You probably spend hours a day on Social Media (don’t lie). Then, why don’t you use it to find a job abroad? The Internet is a busy place, you know. You can meet looots of people there, you can make connections and you can network. I know, your blood runs cold as soon as you hear the word “networking”. It is scary at first and takes practice. The most important thing you need to know about networking is that it is not about collecting as many contacts as possible. Instead, it is about planting and building relationships. You won’t get immediate results from using Social Media, but it will help you on your way to find a job abroad. Get a LinkedIn or Xing (it’s a European networking website) profile and make your profile look GREAT. Then join some relevant groups and introduce yourself. Tell a little bit about why you are here, that you’re looking for a job in a specific country/sector, ask (insightful) questions, and be engaged in the conversation. Again, this will not give you a job right away but it may lead to opportunities you wouldn’t have thought of.


I LOVE webinars. For everyone not knowing what a webinar is, it is a seminar that takes place on the Internet, allowing participants in different locations to see and hear the presenter. Why do I love webinars? A lot of them are free and they not only teach you amazing things, but they also offer you a possibility to get to know employers first-hand. If you attend a webinar you’ll get to know what the company is doing and how they work. On top of that, you learn some fantastic new skills, too. Doesn’t that sound great? You can include this experience in your cover letter and start it along the lines of “Your webinar about XY truly inspired me and encouraged me, even more, to apply for the position Z in your company.” This is definitely more original than “Hereby I apply for…” and shows that you researched the company thoroughly.

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A stint overseas might be just what you need to ease your travel bug and move your career in the right direction. I'll show you how to find a job abroad.           A stint overseas might be just what you need to ease your travel bug and move your career in the right direction. I'll show you how to find a job abroad.


But this not only applies for online webinars. Networking events or career fairs are a great way to start a conversation with employers. Typically, you’ll find some international companies and global players at those fairs. Maybe your university even organises one of those huge fairs – if not, a quick google search should give you a list of big career fairs in your country. Another possibility is to look for trade fairs or exhibitions. If you attend one of those events, be sure that you’re prepared well. Research the employers you would like to talk to prior to the event and think of some questions you want to ask. If you feel like your conversation went well, do not hesitate to kindly ask for someone’s business card and keep it in case you need further advice. It is also extremely important to follow up with speakers from networking events. Consult those people when you apply for a job.

A special goodie for you: If you cannot attend a networking event for whatever reason, you should check out the website “CareersInternational” because they organise interactive online events with real employers. It’s called, “OneDayWith”. If you want more helpful resources for your international job hunt, check out this post.


Wow! It’s impressive that you’re still with me at this point. You’ve read all this, that’s so great and already shows that you’re willing to work for your dream. Another little advice to round up this post: Show your passion if you want to find a job abroad. You are willing to cross the globe for this; that should count something!

I also thought I just give you some tips on good international job searching sites. Some of my favourites are: (UK focused) and (that’s a job website organised by the European Union = The European Job Mobility Portal). You should also check out LinkedIn and Xing (for Germany).

Do you have experience with looking for jobs abroad? What are your tips on how to find a job abroad? Share your story in the comments below!

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