A Love Letter To All Female Travelers4 min read

This is my contribution to Valentine’s day. However, this can be read on any other day as well. This is a call to women who travel. This is my love letter to all female travelers. Because you are awesome. WE are awesome.

I hope that this doesn’t end up being too cheesy (it probably does). But today, I just wanted to tell you that you’re great, awesome, kickass, fabulous, intelligent, gorgeous and so much more!

I was not always a traveler. In fact, I only recently started my traveling career. Before I finally made the big leap, I was exceedingly passive in terms of traveling. Though I had always wanted to explore more of the world, to get out of the place I called home, those dreams and hopes were often just in the back of my head. There were other things to do – “more important” things. I wanted to save money, I wanted to exceed in my studies at university. And although I still deem these things valuable, I now know that I can combine them with traveling. I finally realised that I just had to go. So I did. After I graduated with my Bachelors degree, I went on a two-month backpacking trip through Europe. I realised that I do not have to spend tons and tons of money on traveling. Ultimately, I do not even have to neglect university or my career for it (hint: study abroad). It took me a while to understand this – but once you’re hooked, you’ll never stop! Traveling is like a drug.

At this point, you may be wondering: What has that to do with me?


… have their own blog.

Three months ago (yes it was only three months ago), I started blogging about my travels. And since I started this blog here, I got to know so many other female travelers – through reading their stories, through connecting with them on Social Media, and hopefully soon I will see many of them in the offline world as well.

… travel the world without writing about it.

During the last few months, I also noticed that more and more young woman find the strength to discover the world and their own potential. I’m studying abroad at the moment and there are so many international people rocking their studies (backwards and in a foreign language)! This love letter is also for them and for every other girl who’s on the road.

… are thinking to travel more in the future.

This is also for every young woman who is still not sure if she can and should go on that trip. You can. Don’t wait for the perfect moment because there will never be a perfect moment. There is now and you should go for your dreams! All those female travel bloggers will help you. Through traveling, you’ll learn so many things about other cultures, people and about yourself. It will make you a stronger person.


… you show me the world.

I get all these dreams and plans because of you. I see what other female travelers are doing, see where they are going, and where they’ve been. This makes me want to explore and learn more about other cultures, countries and people. I could spend hours reading your stories and looking at your travel photos (of course it’s no secret that I’m actually doing that). Now I know, if you are passionate about something – go for it!

… you accept me as who I am.

You are not telling me to be different. You are not telling me I don’t look pretty enough, or I look too pretty, or I’m not intelligent enough, or not brave enough, or I should focus more on “real life”. Because this is real life, these are my dreams and these are my plans. You make me feel that I can accomplish all the things I want to achieve.

… you encourage me.

With your adventures and your travel stories, you make me realise that I can accomplish a lot if I dream big enough. I’m still a newbie to blogging, and I still have many more places to discover on earth. I know that I still have to learn a lot. You encourage me and bolster me up. You teach me that I have to be active in the pursuit of my dreams but at the same time, you say that it’s ok to be lost from time to time.

Basically, that’s it. That’s all I have to say to you. I mean this and wish I could hug all of you but I can’t.

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This is a call to woman who travel. This is my love letter to all female travelers. Because you are awesome. WE are awesome.           This is a call to woman who travel. This is my love letter to all female travelers. Because you are awesome. WE are awesome.

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