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Whoop whoop, another part of my Women Collecting Memories series is out! Hurra – I’m so very excited! This time I was talking to Hannah, a foreign languages student in the UK and a travel & lifestyle blogger like me. She went on an exchange in Sevilla in Andalucía, Spain.

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Hannah, 21, was studying abroad in Sevilla in Spain. Hannah, International is a blog about the life and travels of a university student with serious wanderlust. When not travelling, Hannah is discovering new cultures and languages through restaurants and events in the UK, and finding hidden gems in her current city of residence.

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Picture of Hannah in Sevilla, Spain



Where did you go for your exchange? How long have you been abroad?

I went to Sevilla in Andalucía, Spain for my study abroad programme. I was there for five months, studying from September 2014 until the following January. I’m no longer in Sevilla, but I think about it all the time and miss it constantly!

What made you choose Sevilla as your study abroad location? 

Before I applied to study abroad I did a lot of research into the areas and universities on offer to me. I finally decided on Sevilla because of the fabulous climate, as well as its proximity to other cities, and the amazing culture and history that the city possesses.
Being a foreign languages student (specifically French and Spanish) I was also interested in Sevilla for the heavily accented Spanish they use there, and I wanted to challenge myself linguistically! I’ve actually come away with a bit of a Sevilla accent on my Spanish, so I was pretty successful, I think!

Plaza de Espana (picture provided by Hannah), study abroad experience

Plaza de Espana (picture provided by Hannah)

 What is the most remarkable memory you have of your time abroad?

I have a whole raft of remarkable memories from my time in Sevilla, but I think the most memorable would have to be walking around the jaw-droppingly beautiful Plaza de España late one Tuesday morning. It was the middle of November and my friend had come to visit me from Zaragoza, another amazing city in Spain. We were two of about 8 people there in total, and the weather was absolutely stunning. It was so peaceful and I couldn’t get over the beauty of the architecture. We must have been there for at least two hours before we left.

Name one thing that study abroad-ers MUST do when in Sevilla.

Besides visiting the Plaza de Espana, anyone who visits Sevilla, study abroad-er or not, absolutely has to visit the Metropol Parasol at sunset! You have an incredible view over the city over to the famous Giralda (bell tower), and it’s magical to watch the sun go down over the Sevilla rooftops.

View from the top of the Metropol Paraol at dusk (picture provided by Hannah), study abroad experience in sevilla

View from the top of the Metropol Paraol at dusk (picture provided by Hannah)

 Has the time abroad changed you? If yes, in what way?

It really has changed me. I’m a lot more confident now, both in myself and in my Spanish skills, but I’m also a lot more comfortable wandering around a foreign city by myself. Living with girls from Andalucía who had already lived in Sevilla for two years meant I did a lot of things by myself, and it really taught me to enjoy being a solo tourist.

Do you have any tips for girls planning to study abroad?

If you can, speak to people who have already studied there before. Get their opinion on the city in general and the university you’re hoping to study at. Hearing about experiences first-hand is invaluable when deciding where to do a study abroad programme.

If you could plan a trip anywhere in the world for yourself (with money not playing a role) where would you like to go?

I think saying an around-the-world trip would be cheating, so if I had to choose one place that I’ve never been to it would be Vietnam. I’ve visited South Korea twice and I am desperate to see more of East Asia, particularly Vietnam – I travel with my belly, and I can’t wait to have some authentic pho!

How about you? Have you been to Sevilla? Did you like it? Let us know in the comments below!

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If you every thought about studying abroad, read this. I was talking to Hannah, a travel & lifestyle blogger. She went on an exchange in Sevilla, Spain.           Another part of my study abroad series is out! Hurray! I was talking to Hannah, a travel & lifestyle blogger. She went on an exchange in Sevilla, Spain.

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