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Life in the United Kingdom can be confusing. When I first came here over 9 months ago (how can it be nine months already?!), I had to figure everything out from the start. Even if the German and British culture isn’t THAT different, it’s all the small things you need to consider. First, what is it with the two taps? And why are there no plugs in the bathroom? To give you a heads up if you’re considering moving to this beautiful country (or even if you’re just going on a holiday), I wrote up a list of the 10 most useful apps for living in the UK.

Let’s start right away:


If you want to live in the UK permanently and want to gain the British Citizenship, the Life in the UK test is a requirement. There are several apps that help to give you all the content you need for preparing for the test. There is a “Life in the UK Test Book” app, as well as a “Life in the UK Test Free” app that includes practice questions. Even if you’re just going to life in the UK for a short while, you may still want to check out one of those apps – a little background knowledge can’t be wrong.


This app is amazing and something every busy traveler needs or basically everyone who gets hungry. And everyone gets hungry. This app lets you book a last-minute table at local restaurants. It offers great discounts and is easy to use. Select your location, prefered cuisine and number of guests and let the app do the rest.


This wouldn’t be a travel blog if I wouldn’t give you any tips on how to actually travel around the UK. There are so many beautiful places (such as Wales, or cities like York and Sheffield). It’d be a bummer if you’d just stay in one place all the time! You really don’t want to miss out on places like this:

I think one last Wales impression is appropriate – make sure to check out my blog post about the journey (link in the description)

Ein von Kathrin Hälbich (@theambitiousbee) gepostetes Foto am

Trains in the UK can be quite expensive, but sometimes they have great deals where you can save some money. Download the trainline app to buy tickets and to check your train timetables.


If you’re on a budget like me, you may prefer taking the bus instead. The bus system in the UK is pretty good and it’s fairly easy to get from A to B. With National Express you’re on the safe side, although there are also companies like Megabus who offer bus trips around the country. The app helps you book tickets and you can also track your coach. There is no need to print the ticket, just show a picture of it to the driver. It may be also worth considering getting a coach card if you’re under 26 years old. It’s only 10 pounds for a year and you save 1/3 on standard fares.


Not such a happy topic to talk about, but you may want to have a look at this helpful website (it’s unfortunately not available as an app, but I thought it’s useful nevertheless). You can type in a postcode and look up how many crimes have been committed in this area. Data is available until April 2015, so it may be a bit outdated.


Yplan is great for browsing events that happen in your area. In the UK, the app covers the cities London, Bristol and Dublin (which is not part of the UK, but may be worth checking out still ^^). It’s possible to even buy tickets directly on the app. You can search events by categories, such as art, theatre or music. I really like the design of this app, it’s easy to use and clearly arranged.


This is not a specific app, but there are lots of different free versions of it. I like “Währungsrechner Easy Currency” and “Flip Currency Converter”, but every app works, really. Why you need it? Dealing with money you’re not familiar with can be challenging, especially at the beginning. Don’t run the risk of spending too much on things. Do yourself a favour and download a currency converter and use it for, at least, the first few weeks.


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to-give-you-a-heads-up-if-youre-considering-moving-to-the-uk-or-just-going-on-a-holiday-i-wrote-up-a-top-ten-of-my-favourite-apps-for-living-in-the-uk           to-give-you-a-heads-up-if-youre-considering-moving-to-the-uk-or-just-going-on-a-holiday-i-wrote-up-a-top-ten-of-my-favourite-apps-for-living-in-the-uk


Want to visit glorious the UK’s glorious coastline, wander through the wild countryside, relax in exquisite gardens or explore historic houses? The National Trust app helps you find more than 550 protected places throughout England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. It also shows you events and festivals that are going on around the country. It’s a great app every traveler should have.


Thanks to a lovely comment by one of my readers (big shout out to Julie), I can add this pretty amazing app to this list. Citymapper is a transport app, built for commuters and their daily needs. It’s super simple to use, it just functions after the “A to B” principle. This is not only helpful for the UK but for all major cities around the world! Maps for the UK include London, Birmingham and Manchester.


The last out of ten great apps for living in the UK. This one is one of my favourites. Getting sick and not knowing where to go for help is a pretty terrifying thought. Especially if you are new to a country. The Doctoralia app allows you to search for health professionals and centres by name, city and postcode in seven languages for healthcare services in 14 countries. Which is PRETTY amazing!


I hope this makes your start in the United Kingdom a bit easier and more fun. As always: feel free to shoot me a message if you have any specific questions about living abroad.

Do you know of any other helpful apps for living in the UK? Share them down below!

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