Hello! I'm Kathrin.

I'm from Germany ♥

I recently graduated from university...

... with a degree in New Media!

I LOVE to travel

... and I mostly do it solo.


The Ambitious Bee is a growing collective of ambitious go-getters and travel lovers. Discover your potential, improve yourself and explore the world with me! The Ambitious Bee is the go-to blog for ambitious young women who want to improve their lives and enjoy their wanderlust. My aim is to provide you with travel inspiration, actionable advice for your career, including tips for living and working abroad and other lifestyle topics. If you’re new here – enjoy my blog !


I believe that success isn’t all about working, but I see it as a life-long process of learning. It is about sharing ideas with others, being curious and open-minded. To be passionate about things. To get inspired by others. Success for me is getting out of your comfort zone over and over again. Other things I believe in?

  • I believe you have the adventure in you. Dreaming of a journey around the world? Let the travel bug bite you!
  • I believe you have a big goal you’ve kept hidden in the back of your mind for far too long. I’m here to help you bring it to life.
  • I believe that you deserve the best of both worlds: You think you have to decide between traveling and having a career. But why? You can have a solid education, a career, and you can explore the world and learn from it. I am going to help you with it!
  • I believe that you can get where you want and live a healthy and fit lifestyle at the same time. Make the most of you and let me help you with some great recipe and workout inspiration.

Hopping from one country to the other in a few weeks or months? Traveling slowly and staying in one place for a long period of time? I DO BOTH!

I’ve done both of these traveling styles in the past, and I enjoyed them both for their individual reasons. For me, it depends on the journey, what I want to see while I’m traveling, and how I want to experience a country. Last year, I lived abroad for one year to study in England and used this as a ‘home base’ for shorter trips around the UK. Before that, I went on a two months backpacking trip through Europe where I visited 14 countries. Both traveling styles have advantages and drawbacks and everyone has to find their own way of traveling – just try it out!

For the next few years, I’m planning to set up a base in Germany because I want to start my career in the PR/Communications field. I still want to travel as much as I can!

Reason #1: To Document My Life

I started this blog when I moved abroad to England to complete my Master’s degree. Since then, this blog became a big part of my life. For me, it’s a great place to document my travels and I love looking back at my adventures.

Reason #2: To Share My Experiences

When you travel, you learn to be modest. You learn that you only occupy a tiny place in this world and that there is still so much to learn and to discover. I think it is important for all of us to share our experiences, to make our society a better and richer place. I want to use this blog to encourage discussions and to share my ‘lessons learned’.

Reason #3: To Inspire You

At the end of the day, when I’m completely honest, I really hope that I can inspire you with my travel adventures and lifestyle choices. Even if it’s just a little bit. I want to be a good example for others and I want to show you that it’s possible to achieve your dreams.

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