Who is The Ambitious Bee?

The Ambitious Bee is Kathrin Hälbich. I'm a German girl travelling around Europe and the world as much as possible. I’m a thinker, writer and adventurer at heart and love learning new things and getting out of my comfort zone.

What is my mission?

I want to motivate and inspire women across the world to discover their full potential - be it travel, career and studies, or health and fitness. I think pushing yourself and challenging yourself is the best thing young women can do for themselves.

Why work with The Ambitious Bee?

I have an audience and readership of over 1000+ individuals on my blog and 1000+ social media followers. And this only after a few months of starting this travel & lifestyle blog! My audience is constantly growing. All those numbers are real people – real consumers. They are seeking for the best travel accommodations, attractions, destinations, experiences, products, and resources around the world. Because of that, I and this blog have the influence to help you reach your marketing goals and get your products in front of your target consumers.

What are some ways we could work together? For example, Freelance Writing (German / English), Advertisement Links or Space, Affiliate Partnerships, Contest and/or Giveaway Collaborations, Sponsored Posts, or Product, Brand or Ho(s)tel Reviews.

If you want to get in contact, shoot me a message!


Feel free to message me with your ideas or any questions you may have at info@theambitiousbee.com. I'm also happy to provide you with a detailed media kit!

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